Mace answered the call in support of defending the United States for 6 years in Federal service, after the 9-11 attacks.  
Mace designed a first iteration of a fully normalized NIST Cyber Security Framework relational database and data warehouse archiecture for the University of California Systems to manage and mesure stardards across multiple sites.
Mace provided Extraction Transformation and Loading (ETL) design and build for SFPD integrated Oracle Business Intelligence database to analyze and predict traffic death trends in support of San Francisco's Vision Zero to end pedestrian traffic collission deaths.
Medical research administration system manages complexity with fully normalized robust database systems.
Design and deployment led by Mace.

Mace and Associates
Systems Engineering and Project Management Integrated 

Mace managed IT security control implementation projects at world class organizations, like Visa International, and CalPERS,
Mace also gives back to others with voluntary IT services,
Hospice volunteer work and service as officer in
professional organization
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Interoperability of complex Intelligence Community members IT systems requires solid design and engineering throughout the system life cycle.
Systems Analysis, Design, Engineering,  Dynamic Modeling, and  Project Managment are distinct, but closely related. Integrating established and proven industry and government sandards for each our botique consulting services approach establishs appropriate, and contextual based repeatible processes for a lasting capability improvement.
Mace Systems Sciences
Systems Engineering, Systems Dynamic Modeling,
and Project Management Integrated

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Management System